Life Inside Prison During a Global Pandemic has not taken Tiffany’s Hope.

by Andrea Powell with Tiffany Simpson, from the Karana Rising Advocacy lab

The reality of being in prison during a global pandemic is dark. How do you social distance in a pandemic if you live in a row of small boxes? Already isolated, prisoners no longer have visitors. Outbreaks of COVID in women’s prisons are increasing from South Dakota to Virginia.

Tiffany has been in prison in a small county in Georgia now since 2011. At 17, she was sentenced to 30 years in jail for crimes that her trafficker, a. 34 year old man, did to her and another child. Karana Rising’s team is advocating for her her release and there is hope on the horizon with the possibility of her appeal being heard. Yet, the stigma associated with her childhood of being exploited continues to slow down the process.

We believe that no victim of any form of human trafficking should be jailed for crimes that were done to them or that they were forced to do. That includes Tiffany. Where were the courts and child welfare for her when she was being sex trafficked as a child? How many adults simply viewed her as a “throw away” or “lost cause.”

This week, Tiffany shared,

Life inside a prison during COVID is like a double box. I’ve been sick with some kind of virus (not COVID, I think) that everyone seems to be catching. I think I caught it on my birthday. I feel weak. The whole compound is on quarantine. Things are shambles. We only get 2 sandwiches a day now. Staff are working 24 hour shifts and lockdown is full of COVID cases. Everyone is getting sick. It’s as if time has stopped in here. There are not even enough inmates to run the kitchen or library or anything. Most of us are on 14 day quarantine. I am praying for all of you out there and I hope things getting better. When I get out of here, there is so much I want to do to help others. I know I have a lot to give the world. I’ve been reading Bethany Hamilton’s Soul Surfer. Whoa. I love her! I remember hearing about her when I was little because my dad told me she was a hero. Thank you for not giving up on me. Love, Tiffany

Please help us spread the word. Tiffany needs us all. We believe that TIFFANY is also a hero. One of Tiffany’s dreams is to finally see the beach for the first time when she is free. We are committed to helping her shine as her very own “soul surfer” when she is finally released!

Sign her petition and share on social media to help us reach our goal of 500 signatures.

Let’s turn Tiffany’s hope into reality.

In gratitude,

Karana Rising

Karana Rising is by survivors, for survivors. Our team leads innovative labs in wellness, design, advocacy & education to support survivors of human trafficking

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