By Survivors, For Survivors: Karana Rising’s June Update

from Andrea, Fecha and Liz @wearekaranarising

This past month has been one of tremendous growth, struggle and opportunity here for survivors who lead and benefit from our support at Karana Rising. Fecha, Liz and I wanted to thank you deeply. We are reaching survivors every day with our weekly support groups, our advocacy lab’s Surviving Now show and podcast, individual supportive counseling, artisan products and wellness workshops. We are also continuing to flip the script to place survivors at the helm of social change to stop human trafficking and exploitation in their lives, communities and around the world. We are not “about survivors” but “from survivors” here.

Here are updates from our four innovation labs:

Advocacy Lab: First, we wanted to share our latest news about Tiffany Simpson, our colleague who is a survivor of child sex trafficking who still sitting in a Georgia jail where she now also faces heightened risk toward the coronavirus. Please take a look and consider making a “Free Tiffany Sign” like the ones in this video. We really need it to pressure the Georgia legislature going forward.

Free Tiffany Simpson campaign, our Surviving Now Series and Survivor

Education Lab: Surviving Now, our podcast and YouTube channel has been growing content powered by survivors focusing on issues that face us all. We just released our 8th episode! We also have our kids reading hours and incredible content from our survivor team here at Karana Rising. One of my favorite videos is from Ashley Lowe, our design lab associate. Check her video, “If I Can Survive Sex Trafficking, You Can Get Through This, Too.”

Latest Surviving Now Episodes:

#8: Rendille Youth Resist Violence in Kenya: Justice for Jesca, Dan, George and Chuchu

#7 Finding Emotional Safety in the Storm of the Global Pandemic

#6 Going Back to School in a Global Pandemic

# 5 Young and Homeless in a Global Pandemic

Our upcoming episodes will focus on what is next to stop traffickers from accessing the online marketplace where the vast majority of sex trafficking victims are sold and the anticipated impact of the the US Department of Health and Human Services’s (HHS) recent publication of a health care discrimination rule that purports to carve out LGBTQ people and other vulnerable populations from the nondiscrimination protections of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act. Our team member, Tutu Scott, will share her own personal experiences as a survivor, LGBTQI leader and healthcare provider.

Subscribe to our Surviving Now channel to stay tuned!

Wellness Lab: In the last 2 months, we have provided emergency financial support to 48 survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and intimate partner violence across the United States though a generous grant from the Schusterman Family Foundation. In fact, we are in the process today of sending 11 more survivors their e-giftcards to purchase food and other basic items. In times like these, it is critical we meet our survivor members where they are at and ensure they have the care they need.

Design Lab: We are looking forward to launching our new website and Shop Survivor marketplace very soon. Our incredible designer is helping us create a space where you can shop for survivor products and services, including our very own at Karana Rising!

Later this summer, we will be organizing a Zoom gathering to invite you all to get to our team and celebrate our first year at Karana Rising. We so appreciate your support. It is what makes all of our work here at Karana Rising possible.

We are by survivors, for survivors.

With gratitude,

Andrea, Fecha, Liz and our entire Karana Rising team!

Karana Rising is by survivors, for survivors. Our team leads innovative labs in wellness, design, advocacy & education to support survivors of human trafficking

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