Andrea Powell, Co-founder, and executive director, Karana Rising

From the short film on Tiffany Simpson, Lack of Love

Chrystul Kizer, a child sex trafficking victim, sentenced to life in prison in Wisconsin, is one step closer to freedom. The new Wisconsin appellate court ruling allowing Chrystul to assert her innocence is called affirmative defense. It should be a part of a national shift toward ensuring survivors are truly protected from the injustices of arrest and incarceration.

Chrystul Kizer’s case is symbolic of the criminal justice and child welfare system failures that lead to survivor incarceration rather than the help and justice they deserve. Survivors across the country are suffering in…

Press Release: May 22, 2021

Karana Rising and Dressember Joint Statement

Over 500 supporters have raised $30,000 to offer critical support and advocacy to free incarcerated child survivors of human trafficking through the Survivor Justice Inititative.

Inspired by the life of incarcerated child sex trafficking survivor, Tiffany Simpson, Dressember and Karana Rising have joined together to form the Survivor Justice Initative.

Recognizing that whether survivors are currently incarcerated or recently released, they need support to sustain their freedom and fully thrive, supporters took action following the debut release of Lack of Love, a short documentary narrated from jail by Tiffany…


Film Tells the Story of Tiffany Simpson: A Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Prosecuted and Jailed as an Adult at Seventeen

Lack of Love Launches Survivor Justice Initiative Campaign to Free Simpson and Begin Movement to Ensure All Survivors are No Longer Prosecuted and Jailed

WASHINGTON DC — Lack of Love, a newly released short documentary supports the efforts to free child sex trafficking survivor Tiffany Simpson and begin a movement to ensure all survivors of human trafficking are no longer prosecuted and jailed.

by Ashley Lowe, Karana Rising

As Valentine’s Day comes near, I find myself thinking about my Dad. I know, that might sound kind of weird, but to me Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It’s about the love you have inside of you to give to everyone you care about in life. I didn’t always feel I was worthy of love because I grew up craving a fatherly love I could not find. Across America and around the world, there are thousands of girls like me who fall prey to exploitative or abusive men who take advantage of girls…

by Tiffany Simpson, Advocacy Lab Associate and Survivor Leader, Karana Rising

“My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me, it has only strengthened me.” — Steve Maraboli

I was 17 and on my own. He said he loved me. Love from a man felt like a fairytale dream, not a past. My dad was arrested when I was 6 years old and sent to prison for life. I remember those little times we’d be playing on the tractor, fishing or making sloppy joes. Nothing really ever matched that love for me after he was gone…

Sex Trafficking Victim Lisa Montgomery’s Execution Would Be The Last Injustice in Her Tragic Life

Andrea Powell, Karana Rising

January 12, 2021

In 2004, child sex trafficking victim, Lisa Montgomery, was arrested and later sentenced to the death penalty. Tonight, her fate rests in the hands of the President of the United States who has shown a strong push toward executions before President-elect Joe Biden takes office and likely halts federal executions.

Lisa’s life and likely death should not be political, but it is. …

by Tiffany Simpson, Advocacy Lab Associate, Karana Rising

I used to think of justice, or rather, injustice in terms of the law only. I was often trapped in my own story. So, how did the police mistreat me? How did prosecutors in my case ignore this mistreatment and continue to advocate for a child victim of sex trafficking to be sentenced to 30 years in jail? What rights of mine were violated? I felt justice was not in my control.

Yet, creating a just world actually is something we all must participate in if we want a world where we…

by Snezana Vukovic, Karana Rising

You didn’t mess up. You didn’t do it all wrong. This is what I wanted to say to you.

I used to beat myself up thinking I was such a failure. Now, I know that actually all of my mistakes are life lessons. There is no magical pill or diet or Instagram post that will change the past. So, I’m learning to stop running from my shame or fear and actually lean into and ask: what are you here to teach me today?

To share weakness is to make yourself vulnerable, but to make yourself…

By Deraso Dokhole

We always hear and talk about “ Africa rising” but the question I keep on asking myself is Africa rising? The late Ali Mufuruki a Tanzanian businessman argued that Africa’s economic growth for the last 20 years has been by 6%-7% compared to china’s economic growth at their peak of rising which was at 18% and at some point, their economy declined by 10% and it was termed a recession so what does that mean the world has a mediocre expectation for African countries. On the other hand, Africa development bank projected in 2017 that Africa was…

by Ashley Lowe, Karana Rising

Work and life. There is a lot of talk about balance. What if it’s not balance. Now, more than ever, it’s blending your life in a way that works for you and those you love. So, lean into the beauty of a messy life of work, home and everything else happening around you.

I am a 26 year old mom of 2 boys and two girls who keep me on the run. I’m also in business school and a professional advocate for survivors of human trafficking at Karana Rising. …

Karana Rising

Karana Rising is by survivors, for survivors. Our team leads innovative labs in wellness, design, advocacy & education to support survivors of human trafficking

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